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Croft & Co - Wine Representative

Croft & Co

Croft & Co are proud to be the wine representative to some of the best boutique wineries in Australia.

The majority of our portfolio are family owned and operated businesses with award winning wines.

It is no accident that we focus on being a wine representative in Western Australian Wines, we love the region that we live and work in.

For tasting samples of any of the portfolio please contact your account manager.


Croft & Co - Byron & Harold
Croft & Co - Carpe Diem
Croft & Co - Decibel
Croft & Co - Gilberts
Croft & Co - Happs
Croft & Co - The Lake House
Croft & Co - Merum
Croft & Co - Koonara
Croft & Co - Peos
Croft & Co - Three Elms
Croft & Co - Zilzie
Croft & Co - Vinofood

Croft & Co - Byron & Harold

Byron and Harold

Great Southern, WA

Family owned label from Paul Byron & Ralph (Harold) Dunning

The wines are produced in The Great Southern region of Western Australia

What began as a banter with a glass of wine overlooking Sydney Harbour between two mates over ten years ago, is now a celebrated brand that is respected, renowned and revered in the wine industry.

Paul Byron and Ralph Dunning joined forces that day to create the now iconic brand of Byron and Harold. With decades of experience, faultless reputations and industry contacts forged through their careers in the industry their goal was to produce a range of wines that they loved to drink.

They chose to base themselves in Western Australia with a focus on Margaret River and The Great Southern regions. Both regions are internationally regarded as premium cool climate destinations that produce elegant, distinctive wines with finesse and power.
Halliday named them as one of his Top 10 New Wineries in 2015 and followed that up with a 5 Star review in 2016 upgraded to a 5 Red Star rating in 2017.

“Byron and Harold make a formidable partnership covering every aspect of winemaking.’’
James Halliday

Croft & Co - Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Margaret River, WA

‘Seize the Day’

Gianfranco and Francesca Anderle visited Margaret River in 2000 and fell in love with the area.

They returned to Italy and decided to sell everything up and emigrate to Western Australia. By February 2001 Gianfranco and Francesca’s dream to begin taking shape with the purchase of a Wilyabrup property (75 Acres) in the heart of the Margaret River Region. They soon moved to WA with their children in August 2001, with vineyard plantings starting in 2003 through to 2005. The vineyard is planted on the very best of classic Margaret River gravel soil, with a beautiful Northern aspect and a state-of-the- art winery is cleverly concealed in an unassuming green shed on the property.

Gianfranco is a qualified oenologist from Conegliano (North Italy), the oldest wine school in the world . With his background being European, he tries to identify his wines with a slightly unique style. Looking also for his own niche in the market, he brings to Australia 22 years of winemaking experience and imparts his way of making wine in Margaret River with his unique European influence. He has total control of the winemaking process, by making all the wines on site in his custom-built small winery; he even bottles the wine on site.

Croft & Co - Decibel


Hawkes Bay, NZ

Could you taste a wine and feel
inspired? Could you smell a glass of
wine and want to move to the other
side of the world? It happened to me when I discovered New Zealand wines. My story and my wines are all about the people who inspire me, the places I have been and the music I love.

Decibel Wines are my vision to create wines using classic practices, minimal intervention, and wines with a community- based attitude. I look to a time when we use smart practices in the vineyard and the winery that not only inspire but preserve our great planet.

While traveling through Europe and America with a band of musicians, artists and craftsmen my passion for sense memory and sense elation grew. Whilst docked in Philadelphia I discovered New Zealand wines. I literally smelled the potential for adventure and pure discovery in the glass. In 2007 I left Philadelphia to make wine in New Zealand. I have taken the spirit of my Great Grandfather, Michelino Rodolico and his entire lineage, with me. A barrel cooper and winemaker himself, he travelled from Sicily to America in search of inspiration. He is with me on this journey as I follow maps of the roads, maps of the soils, maps of the seas, flight plans and future plans, the journey now brings me across
the globe pouring my wines for people in hopes they will be open to the idea of an adventure.

Croft & Co - Gilberts
Gilberts Wines

Mount Barker, WA

Fourth generation farmers who love the land! Now turned vignerons, the vines draw from the rich soils of Mt Barker in the Great Southern region of Western Australia and exhibit the terroir of this exceptional region.

The Gilbert family have been farming in Great Southern for over 50 years. They grew apples and ran sheep for many years, and still do, but in 1985 they decided to plant their first vines.

There are now 24 acres of vines producing fantastic Riesling, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet. A cellar door was introduced in 1990 utilising the old apple shed and then in 2003 they opened a café on site with Bev producing amazing home cooked fare.

In 2014 the boys ( the three devils) returned to the business and now Matthew and Clint run the vineyards and sales and marketing with mum Bev keeping a close eye on them.

Sadly Jim Gilbert passed away in 2017 from Motor Neuron Disease and the family developed the JMG range in his honour.
The Gilberts Riesling has won multiple awards over the years and the current 2020 holds the trophy for best Riesling at the Small Vignerons Show.

Croft & Co - Happs

Happs Estate

Margaret River, WA

The Happ family emigrated to Australia
from Germany in 1850. A family of
vignerons with a skill much needed in the new world.

Over the following years the family moved around Australia and Erl Happ was born in Bassendean. He became a teacher and married Ros (also a teacher) then in 1970 they were inspired to move to Margaret River, build a house (by hand) and plant vines.

Erl was seen as a pioneer in the planting of many unusual grape varietals in land they purchased in Karridale but this pioneering spirit has paid off and today many young gun winemakers purchase fruit from those vines.

Today the estate vineyards produce more than 30 grape varieties and a comprehensive portfolio of wines sold nationally and exported around the world.
Erl was also an innovator in the process of producing Preservative Free wines. From the vineyard to the bottle the Happs winemaking team make sure that everything is in pristine condition and needs no additional Sulphur Dioxide in the production of the PF range of wines.

Croft & Co - The Lake House

Lake House

Denmark, WA

The Lake House Denmark produces a range of premium, award winning cool climate wines from the Great Southern Region. Presenting superb fruit flavours that capture the character and richness of the region, attention to detail and exemplary winemaking.

The Lake House Denmark story begins back in April 2005 when Garry Capelli and Leanne Rogers moved to Denmark, Western Australia from Perth to start their country lifestyle adventure. After holidaying in Denmark for over 10 years they had fallen in love with the people and the region and knew it was the place for them so they purchased a 91.2 acre property with a vineyard. Loving all things “country” they embraced everything there is to do on a rural property from growing grapes, establishing a veggie garden and riding around on quad bikes.

The first wine vintage was released in 2006 and the cellar door was opened. Being located down a quiet country road and set on a picturesque lake they had a dream of seeing people relax by the lake enjoying a glass of wine and grazing on delicious food made from fresh local produce and their own handcrafted Vinofood condiments.

Winemaker is James Kellie.

Croft & Co - Merum


Pemberton, WA

From deepest SW Pemberton, the home of the tall karri trees comes the Estate of Merum. Everything about this brand takes you back to nature. Wonderful cool climate wines in limited availability.

10 hectares of vines were planted in 1996 and 3 wine labels were developed with stunning artwork, particularly on the Estate range, depicting nature and wildlife of the region.

Recently the brand was taken over by Gary and Leanne at The Lake House in Denmark and they have exciting plans for its future.

Croft & Co - Koonara



Dru and Nicole Reschke now manage the family ‘farm’ developing a truly sustainable and 100% organic vineyard.

In 1906, Henry Albert and Alice Jane Reschke came to Coonawarra to build a life for their family. They ran a cattle stud at their property named ‘Koonara’.

Today over 100 years on, the family still live at the property in Coonawarra. The Cattle stud is still there, but the vineyards and wine have been our passion since 1988. The land chosen for the vineyards was carefully selected out of the 3,000 acres available and we produced our first vintage in 1991 , a massive 30 cases!

In 1999, the first Koonara wines were made available for the public, and the rest is history. Our focus now is on sustainability, zero chemicals or pesticides used in the vineyards.

The vineyards are naturally kept at an average of 2 tonnes or less an acre. We believe quality is paramount in creating a wine which is not only good, but consistent and age worthy each year.

Peter Douglas (Ex Wynns ) is chief winemaker

Croft & Co - Peos

Peos Estate

Manjimup, WA

The Peos family vineyards are nestled in the far SW corner of WA, Manjimup is one of the most remote wine regions in the world. Cool climate, pristine waters and mix of karri loam and gravelly soils lead to production of not just grapes but avocados, apples and cherries from this region are exported all over the world.

Manjimup has been home to the Macedonian-born Peos family for more than 90 years. With viticulture in their historical veins, brothers Vic, John, Kon and Chris banded together in 1996 to create their dream vineyard as a legacy to their late father, Jim Peos, and late grandfather, P.Y. Peos.

A passionate farmer, P.Y. began cultivating grapes and producing wine whilst living in Macedonia almost a century ago. He passed this love of wine down to his son, Jim, who continued to farm grapes and make wine in Macedonia until he joined P.Y. and the rest of his family in Australia in 1951.

Upon first arriving in Australia the Peos family settled in Manjimup, attracted by its rich soils and ideal crop-growing weather. Their undying devotion to living off the land has seen them farm everything from dairy cattle and beef to mixed horticulture, potatoes, cauliflowers and beans.

The establishment of Peos Estate winery by the third generation Peos brothers has turned the family dynasty full-circle back to where it belongs, growing grapes and producing wine to remember.

These vineyards are now producing multi award winning wines

Croft & Co - Three Elms

Three Elms

Frankland River, WA

Three Elms is an acronym for Emily, Laura and Molly – Three sisters who have curated a brand that tells a story about their unity as a family and their upmost gratitude for the generations before them that showed them the way.

Love for their home
Passion for their wine
Respect for those that helped them get there

The wine industry is what we all know. We grew up “sneakily” stealing grapes from the vines. Riding along in the tractor with our Uncle. Sitting in cardboard boxes in the winery drawing pictures or sitting on our Pops lap in the offices where he drew pictures on our faces! We helped our Dad bottling by putting neck tags on bottles. We cracked eggs with the winemaker and smelt the wine to learn. We spent numerous school holidays working outside with young and old vines to earn some money.

Wine is our lives and while only one of us studied and works in the industry, we are all involved in what happens at home and are always there to help!
Mostly though, we all love to drink wine together!

Croft & Co - Zilzie

Zilzie Wines


One of Australia’s most prominent family owned wineries.

Creating wines from the finest fruit grown in their own premium vineyards as well as sourcing select parcels that represent the rich assortment of Australia’s most prized wine regions, the Zilzie name has become synonymous with style and unwavering dedication to the craft of winemaking.

The Forbes family has been farming in Mildura since the early 1900s. Over the years the property has expanded, and more and more vineyards have been planted.

Zilzie is currently run by Roslyn Forbes and sons Steven and Andrew, the diverse range of farming activities have given way to now solely focused on grape growing. Having established a dominant position as a supplier of grapes to Southcorp, Zilzie formed a wine company in ’99 and built a winery in 2000, expanding it to its current capacity of 60 000t. The wines consistently far exceed expectations, given their enticing prices, that consistency driving the substantial production volume in an extremely competitive market. The business includes contract processing, winemaking and storage.

Croft & Co - Vinofood

Vino Food


From The Lake House in Denmark comes a gorgeous range of wine- based condiments and preserves

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